Your client has just asked for patient pay support that is seemingly impossible. You don’t have the bandwidth or the expertise to develop it internally. Do you say “no?”

The Power of Yes

Acryness lets you say “yes.” Combining a “can do” attitude with deep healthcare and payment industry expertise, we deliver solutions that delight your clients.

As a single source that can handle all aspects of the billing challenge, Acryness’ comprehensive suite of services can be used turnkey or individually, depending upon your specific needs.

It Begins with Strategy

We believe in maximizing each customer’s current technology and dataset. After analyzing your business problems and desired outcomes, we develop an approach that leverages your data and our expertise in data extraction, enhancement and usage.

Customized Solutions

Our platform facilitates the development of branded, highly individualized solutions without the high cost of custom software. We work closely with your team to ensure seamless integration, ease of use and optimum results.

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