Acryness – it’s a unique name for a truly different company. We do more than create customized solutions focused on the self-pay revenue cycle. We do whatever it takes to solve tough problems though ingenuity, know-how and technology.

When creating the name “Acryness” we looked for a singular combination of word roots that would help capture our approach. We chose ACR, which in Latin means “sharp” and in Greek, “height” or “summit.” We added NESS which in old English means a “quality” or “state.” Acryness is committed to delivering services of the highest quality and integrity.

Our goal is to enhance the experience of patients and providers by:

  • Helping patients more clearly understand their bills and simplify payment
  • Integrating with existing technology to streamline the self-pay billing and payments process

Our Commitment

At Acryness, we say “Yes” to conquering our customers’ business challenges. We combine the “old-fashioned” qualities of service, responsiveness and resourcefulness with a progressive approach, using the latest technology to simplify and automate.

Acryness starts by listening to your business objectives. We create a strategic assessment to meet your specific needs, and then build a comprehensive, affordable solution to address your situation.

Innovation plays a key role; our engineers enjoy solving complex and seemingly impossible challenges. Whether it’s transforming disparate data into effective branded patient communications or engaging patients through technology that makes the complex look simple, we’ve got you covered.

Letter from the President

I think we can all agree that one of the largest challenges facing US healthcare providers today is collecting the increasing portion of their revenue that comes directly from their patients.

A lot of attention is being paid to collecting up front and for good reason.  Once the patient is discharged there is very limited leverage or recourse that is publically or politically acceptable for collecting this debt.  In the vast majority of encounters, an account balance will result for the patient to settle.

So how do you positively impact customer satisfaction while collecting account balances and spending less?  A customer who is well informed that trusts you, feels respected and cared for by you, will pay you sooner and cost you less to serve.

So how do you do that? 

You communicate more, you communicate better and you use innovation to do it at the lowest possible costs.  And you can do that today with Acryness SelfPay Works® eInitiate! 

Thank you for visiting  If you are looking for innovation and an experienced partner for solving your self-pay revenue cycle challenges, you have come to the right place.


Mark A. Relyea
President, & CEO
Acryness, Inc.