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The weight of multiple vendors, reports, posting files, reconciling accounts, logins and processes to handle the increasing influx of patient payments has bogged down our business offices in a big way.  Acryness has met the challenge of simplifing these processes into a single platform for our clients while adding value and reducing their cost.  A way that works.  SelfPay Works

The SelfPay Works™ Payment Suite serves as a flexible, comprehensive platform that connects your entire payment ecosystem, including a wide range of HIS/PM technologies.

The result: A single-source, simplified, more efficient self-pay revenue cycle.

Patient Self-Service

Consumers desire the convenience of serving themselves, whether it’s online shopping or self-checkout at the grocery store. Healthcare payments are no different.

Our online Patient Payment Portal is accessible via your website and reflects your brand. Patients can pay their bills without enrollment, although if they choose to enroll they can take advantage of additional features, including:

  • View statements
  • View online balances and payment history
  • Set statement delivery preferences

Provider Access

Our SelfPay Works™ technology streamlines the entire self-pay process for your staff, giving them more time to focus on patient care while easily handling potentially awkward payment discussions.

The Provider Payment Portal’s easy online access lets staff view patient statements and accept payments. They can set up recurring payments, take one-time payments over the phone or in person, and change statement delivery preferences. They can generate and export reports, sort and filter transaction and account payment information, or run scripts to auto-post transactions.

Our solutions slide into existing workflows to quickly build more effective and engaging patient payment communication.

Payment Options

Acryness gives you the power to accept ALL types of payments. As a Payment Service Provider (PSP), we supply you with an eCommerce merchant account so you can accept payments via credit card, debit card, eCheck or health savings account card.

You receive one consolidated merchant services statement, as well as benefits such as:

  • Fixed effective rate regardless of the form of payment
  • Fast onboarding and automation-ready remittance files
  • Daily deposits that match sales 100% to simplify reconciliation
  • Daily automated clearinghouse (ACH) submissions, including weekends and bank holidays

We also offer lockbox processing, automating check payment remittance processing and daily deposits. Plus, we provide automation-ready remittance posting files. And, rather than receive exceptions from your bank, Acryness can digitally match payments to the coupons we create. This helps you get paid faster, ensures posting accuracy and cuts the costs associated with check exceptions. In addition to freeing up staff time, lockbox processing improves security and reduces liability.

We develop file formats that meet your HIS specifications to automate payment posting in your system. Whether patients pay in person, via online portal or through the phone, Acryness ensures you have the daily information you need for balancing accounting and bank reconciliation.

Interoperability and Reporting Analytics

Interoperability is one of the greatest challenges facing healthcare organizations. The siloed nature of prevailing technology can make it very difficult to extract, enhance and use data.

But Acryness’ core competency is using innovation to solve real-life healthcare technology problems.

We’re experts at extracting and leveraging existing data, no matter where it exists in your HIS or PM systems. We accept any form of data, interpret that data and present financial communication based on your objectives, logic and business rules.

With that data we also craft flexible and innovative reports that give you actionable insights into your patient self-pay activities. Acryness’ customized reports let you zero-in on specifics or see the bigger picture; both ways, you gain valuable business decision support.  

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