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Are you satisfied with your patient communication?

If you want to take control, we can help!

Acryness Statement Services always begins with our client, providing them ...

  • Flexible setup options responsive for all types of data & documents
  • Intelligent Processing maximizes performance of EHR patient account data
  • Powerful processing nimble enough to handle large and small volumes with complex communications
  • Control of branding and message on every patient communication
  • Delivery preference management of eBills, text or paper


Upgrade the Quality of Your Patient Communications

Clear communication is key to motivate payment and improve your patient statement performance. Acryness understands that each statement communication represents a patient contact point with the potential to influence patient satisfaction and reflect positively on your organization's brand.

Using well-proven guidelines for clarity, color and effectiveness, we work with each client on a statement service plan that fits their brand, message and objectives.

A statement that is easy to understand and easy to pay has a direct impact on getting paid faster and lowering the cost to collect.  

We will work closely with you to create an effective communication strategy and design a patient statement that will improve payment performance and that will be more than just a bill.


Strategic Communication Services

One of the many ways we serve our clients is working closely with them to get the most out of their efforts to reach patients.   Be strategic.  It is more than just a good patient friendly statement design, it is also reporting that shows you if our actions are making a difference.  

That’s why we help our clients identify gaps and we work with them to craft the right plan to fill those gaps efficiently and cost-effectively.  As well as make changes swiftly if we need to!


Printing and Mailing Services

Even with so much electronic communication available, some patients still prefer printed communication. Acryness offers extensive experience with:

  • Patient-friendly statements designed with your brand and message
  • Delivery preference management to maximize receipt
  • Return mail processing that relieves your staff of the processing burden
  • Automated skip tracing using state-of-the-art technology


Communications Management

Acryness’ Selfpay Works SaaS solution increases your power to communicate more often, lower your cost and do it better.

Acryness’ powerful tools let you easily and seamlessly manage multiple payment communication channels and to engage patients more effectively.

With our automated, patient-centric messaging, you can communicate the right information to the right patient at the right time. Using business logic and individual preferences, Acryness determines the frequency of message delivery and most appropriate channel, ensuring patients remain engaged with consistent and compliant communication.



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