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Learn how SelfPay Works® at Wayne UNC Health Care Goldsboro, North Carolina.



Easy Payment Management Is Key

Developing the SelfPay Works  platform to make all forms of customer payments transparent and easy to manage, as well as simple and engaging for customers is the key to increasing revenue and lowering operational cost for our clients.


What Is SelfPay Works 

SelfPay Works is a modular SaaS based technology platform that supports the entire patient portion of the revenue cycle from beginning to end.  Designed to increase pre-service collections, improve patient financial understanding with quality communications while reducing account collection cost in the process.


A History of Success

Wayne Memorial Hospital (Wayne) is a 316-bed community not-for-profit hospital with 1,700 employees that has been serving residents in Wayne County, North Carolina and surrounding areas since 1896. The hospital 
recently signed a Management Services Agreement with the highly regarded UNC Health Care.

Wayne first contacted Acryness for statement services in September, 2008 with multiple goals in mind. Seeking to improve the timeliness of their statement turnaround, a better statement design and hoping to receive more responsive customer service and support were the objectives the new partner must meet.  Acryness was able to create a solution specific for Wayne with statements that  made the most of the hospital’s brand identity, as well as met specific objectives for presenting patient billing information.  A solution that included “same day” mail turnaround and ongoing support from a highly responsive and experienced Client Services Department.

Five months later, Wayne transitioned the handling of their return mail to Acryness.  Drawing upon industry experience combined with Acryness technology, the hospital staff was relieved of this highly manual and time
consuming task.  They now experience a highly efficient electronic reporting method that converts undeliverable patient mail into actionable data.


Streamlining Workflow

Wayne Memorial appreciated the ease of working with Acryness. Says Dean Tino, Supervisor of Customer Services within Patient Financial Services,

“We simply drop our files to Acryness through an FTP website and they’re done. We’ve never had any issue with a change being handled quickly, usually within the same day. This process, from my standpoint, is literally done with no involvement.”

In 2011, Wayne made the decision to add an online payment option for their patients and they turned again to Acryness.  The company created  a branded patient payment portal which was promoted on their patient statements.  Business office staff was provided access to the provider payment portal for viewing statements and processing payments for patients that call or walk in.  Acryness was there to support the automation of the payment posting routine. An auto-post file format was created so the payments could be posted to the patient account in an automated method.  By eliminating the manual entry saves both time and money for the hospital and those resources could be put to better use.


Cash, Check or Charge

October 2012, Acryness began handling lock-box remittance processing of Wayne’s patient check payments. Says Tino,

“It’s all scripted into our EHR, which allows extra time for the Patient  Account reps to handle customer service duties rather than tedious, repetitive clerical tasks. I’m not a ‘techie’ so I can’t give any insight on how complex all of this integration was, but it was not a long, drawn out process as with some other vendors.”

When Wayne wanted to improve their collection efforts at registration and pre-service, Acryness had an interface solution ready.  In December of 2015 Wayne added an HL7 connection to feed current patient account details to the Wayne payment portal powered by Acryness. This allows registration and patient access staff to request and process patient payments earlier and easier. This strategy has a big impact on increasing revenue collections sooner and shortening the life cycle of patient accounts.


Delivering Value

Acryness works closely with the business office at Wayne to support initiatives and develop ways to reduce their workload. Having a single platform that manages and provides the reporting of all self-pay payments is a major advantage when reconciling and investigating issues. Acryness is able to provide payment transaction transparency at each collection point which streamline workflows while reducing billing costs in the process.

The newest advances at Acryness have Wayne very excited.  In June 2016, Acryness will launch their SelfPay Works eInitiate software feature which will give staff the power to encourage patients to use eCommunication and paperless billing. This enhancement is significant in that Wayne no longer has to wait on the patient to sign up for paperless billing on their own, which doesn’t happen often enough.  Now the office staff has a great opportunity to improve patient engagement while having a direct impact on reducing cost for the organization. Promoting eCommunication and payment portal enrollment will encourage patient self-service and immediately reduce cost of printing, materials and postage by 85 percent or more by sending the patient eNotices and eBills.

Acryness has added secure POS card readers with the latest EMV technology to their SelfPay Works solution. Because the credit card readers are already synchronized as a method of payment with the SelfPay Works software, they connect seamlessly to the existing worksflows at Wayne.


Why SelfPay Works

Since the company’s beginning, Acryness has believed strongly in the continuous improvement of our software and services. This practice is fueled directly by listening carefully and fulfilling the needs of our clients.  This commitment keeps our business partnerships strong and technology relevant which is how we successfully maximize revenue cycle performance for our clients every day.


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