Does your patient payment program cover this?

We believe that a robust patient payment program is much more than just sending a final bill to your patient and hope the bill gets opened and a response.  To get paid now, you need a platform that will manage the patient communication and the payment transaction processes for your organization.

SelfPay Works is a modular SaaS based technology platform that provides a seamless beginning to end solution supporting the entire patient portion of the revenue cycle.

Synchronized - Are all things considered?

Build a successful payment program that considers all aspects of accepting and processing payments. 

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Multi-Channel Options
  • Single Beginning to End Platform for Customer Communication, Billing and Payments
  • State of the Art Technology


Simplify - What are my costs?

With Acryness Merchant Services simple fee structure, you know your real transaction costs.

  • Competitive Fixed Effective Rates
  • Simplified Merchant Services Billing
  • Simplified Reconciling
  • Simplified Reporting


Support - Where is help when I need it?

A good partner works hard behind the scenes to ensure your payment program is optimized.

  • One place to go for help and technical support
  • Dedicated support team - real people
  • Maintains optimal processing environment


Secure - Uncompromising security!

Build a payment program that is secure.

  • Most secure transaction processing available
  • PCI DSS compliant with experts on staff
  • POS devices are self-contained and certified secure with EMV card reading technology
  • Eliminates dependency between device and PC
  • All customer transactions work with SelfPay Works software

A good fit!

SelfPay Works supports all aspects of the self-pay revenue cycle, but we’re not one-size-fits-all. We design service plans for our clients that fit their need to engage patients, get paid now and reduce costs fast.  

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