It Just Got Real


  • Communicate More OfteneInitiate enrollment controls the patient message format, focus and  frequency from the business office

  • Lower Cost eInitiate will reduce postage and materials costs by increasing adoption of lower cost communication.

  • Do It Better - A patient who is well informed, trusts you, feels respected and listened to will pay you sooner and cost you less to serve!

Acryness has built the engine to drive communication, increase eBill adoption and improve patient engagement.  We all agree why it is important.  Now we know how to make it happen.

eInitiate with SelfPay Works client portal!  Watch our video on our homepage!  

Trying to keep pace?  You have a partner.

The demand for change has outpaced the technology in a lot of our healthcare facilities. Acryness can fill the gap without the cost of a system upgrade or new installation. We can accept any form of data, interpret that data and present patient financial communication based on your objectives, logic and business rules.

So Close

Your IT databases contain a wealth of information. But most of it is either siloed — so it can only be used within a single technology — or it’s buried with so much other information that it’s not actionable.

Rather than layering more information on top of what already exists — Acryness identifies useful insights based on your existing data that can change how you are connecting with each patient.  Acryness will capture and release solutions to meet your specific and unique needs at your organization. 

We partner with our clients to reduce costs, improve processes and increase revenue. The result is innovative solutions that truly delight our customers — and their patients.


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