What we do

Acryness creates custom patient payment solutions that engage patients, reduce costs and streamline workflows. First, we listen to your unique business challenges. Then, we help you ensure patient payment conversations happen early, frequently and in innovative new ways.


  • Strategic Communication Services
  • Printing and Mailing Services
  • Communications Management


  • Patient Self-service
  • Provider Access
  • Payment Options
  • Security and Compliance
  • Interoperability and Reporting Analytics

The Works

SelfPay Works® is a modular SaaS based technology platform that provides a seamless beginning to end solution supporting the entire patient portion of the revenue cycle. Payment services designed for health care that make up-front collections and consistent customer communication easier.

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Who we serve

Acryness serves a wide range of customers who need flexible, robust solutions for tough transaction challenges. Our technology platform delivers customized solutions without the “build from scratch” price.

Health Care Providers

Every provider has unique challenges based on distinctive technologies, processes and patient populations. We create flexible solutions that contribute to happier patients and a healthier bottom line.

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Medical Billers

Acryness helps maximize your current technology and datasets by offering a robust platform for deploying services that are important to you and specific to your clients.

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Health Care Software

Acryness draws on deep healthcare and payment industry expertise to deliver individual or turnkey solutions which are easy to onboard and deploy services that delight your clients.

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Commercial Clients

The Acryness platform helps commercial clients develop branded, highly individualized solutions to cost effectively streamline any billing process.

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Acryness is an experienced leader in providing financial communication and payment services developed over years of solving problems in these areas for our clients.  Our focus is to improve self-pay revenue performance and to lower cost in the process.